Welcome Surgiclub Co Instruments

SURGICLUB CO. is family-owned business that produce high quality instruments, Gelpi Retractors , Weitlaner Retractors instruments and Surgical instruments since 1988.
SURGICLUB CO. is reliable manufacturing company producing Surgical instruments available in the World. SURGICLUB CO. also finish German forging retractors instruments and TC instruments.
SURGICLUB CO. is among those few companies which are praised and developed business worldwide on behalf of highest quality instruments.
SURGICLUB CO. is certified to internationally recognize manufacturing quality systems, ISO: 9001:2008, ISO: 13485:2003 C Mark and applied to manufacturing system as well. SURGICLUB CO. use latest technology and computerized CNC machines and skillful mechanical engineers and craftsmen in production unit. We produce each and every instrument in surgiclub co. from first step to last (forging to finished instrument), and every instruments goes through restrict quality control system. High quality stainless steel, excellent craftsmanship, inspection of each instrument according to master sample and technical drawing which we apply in system makes surgiclub co. superior than others.