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SURGICLUB CO. is family-owned business that produce high quality instruments, Gelpi Retractors , Weitlaner Retractors instruments and Surgical instruments since 1988.
SURGICLUB CO. is reliable manufacturing company producing Surgical instruments available in the World. SURGICLUB CO. also finish German forging retractors instruments and TC instruments.
SURGICLUB CO. is among those few companies which are praised and developed business worldwide on behalf of highest quality instruments.
SURGICLUB CO. is certified to internationally recognize manufacturing quality systems, ISO: 9001:2008, ISO: 13485:2003 C Mark and applied to manufacturing system as well. SURGICLUB CO. use latest technology and computerized CNC machines and skillful mechanical engineers and craftsmen in production unit. We produce each and every instrument in surgiclub co. from first step to last (forging to finished instrument), and every instruments goes through restrict quality control system. High quality stainless steel, excellent craftsmanship, inspection of each instrument according to master sample and technical drawing which we apply in system makes surgiclub co. superior than others.

Supply in Other Global Markets
Europe is our major market with a share of 35% of our total exports. Moreover, we supply to Middle East, North America, New Russian Federation , Central Europe, Scandinavia, South America, African Countries and Far East.

Quality Manufacturing Standards
Currently, we are manufacturing quality instruments, according to U.S.F.D.A's ( United States Food & Drug Administration ) GMP's ( Good Manufacturing Practices ). We're proceeding to ISO 9000 certification.

Steel Components
We are currently using AISI 410, AISI 420 and 18/8 type of stainless steel, and according to the items specifications.

We have accurate furnaces to obtain  at C-40 to C-45 on Forceps and between C-50 to C-55 on Scissors and Bone Instrument

New Or Modified Products
Being a real manufacturer, "SURGICLUB CO." is always ready to produce new products according to modern techniques. So, we encourage you to forward us your master samples enabling us to give you delivery according to your requirements.

Quality Policy
Our QA (Quality Assurance) Department checks the quality of instruments during the various stages of manufacturing and finally before it is packing, to ensure that every tool we produce must be of high quality. As an infinite range of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary Manicure Instruments and Scissors, we tried to put the most common range in our website. However if some articles are missing or if you require any specific sizing or finish (Polish, Satin or Sand Finish) we will be glad to hear from you in order to manufacture them.

Instruments Quality Warranty
"Surgiclub." offers 2 year's instrument's quality Warranty. Free replacement is offered in case of any manufacturing defect or fault, though there are almost nil chances of such happening.

Order Quantity
The Minimum and Maximum orders are accepted. Minimum orders (below US$ 100/- would be executed on FOB basis)

Payment Terms
Letter of credit (L/C) at sight and Cash against documents.
How to Order
Please select the instruments you want to order from our products with their catalogue numbers and e-mail us for quotations. We'll respond your queries within 24 hours.

As we are working in highly competitive market so our prices are as low as possible.

Prompt Delivery
Our well-assorted inventory enables prompt deliveries of your orders.
We have the capacity of handling large tenders frequently.

Adequate packaging is very important issue in supply of instruments. "Surgiclub." always use an International standard packaging to reach the instruments safe in the hands of consignee. Moreover, "Surgiclub." pay special attention to the development of the packaging standard.